Verbs: 8. TO BE x TO HAVE - Answers

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Prof. Alexandre Rodrigues


Agora que j sabemos a diferena entre o verbo to be e o verbo to have, faamos alguns exerccios:

Complete with HAVE or HAS or TO BE:

1-My mother and I   have   three dogs.

2-Fred and Tom   are   good doctors.

3-Gary   has   four English books.

4-Sheila   has   two houses near the beach.

5-My classmate   is   a beautiful girl.

6-The Smiths   have   three daughters and two sons.

7-My grandmother   has   beautiful flowers in her garden.

8-My email address   is

9-My cousin   has   two bikes.

10-My cousins bike   is   red and blue

11-Jim and I   are   managers at Electric Bank on Madison Road.

12-What   is   your last name? It   is   Bren.

13-His wife   is   a very good cook.

14-Mary   has   a house across the street from the airport.

15-They   have   a drugstore next to the bank.

16-Hannah   is   very young.

17-The travel agency   has   three doors.

18-Peter   has   two beautiful daughters.

19-The convenience stores   have   pharmacies inside.

20-Our cousins   are   very tall.

21-The Louvre Museum   has   wonderful paintings.

22-Our baby   is   very cute.

23-Ana   has   three good-looking brothers.

24-Cathy   is   23 years old.

25-Cathy   has   a 23-year-old sister. They   are   twins.

26-  Is   the Post Office around here?

27-What do you do? I   am   a teacher.

28-What   is   your telephone number? It   is   234789008.

29-The museum   is   on Palmer Street.

30-The travel agencies   are   on the corner of 5th Avenue and 2nd Street.

31-  Is   she Maggie? No, she   is   Marcia.

32-My neighbor   has   a handsome boyfriend.

33-Ana Paula Arsio   is   very short.




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