Interpretação de Texto: 06. Charlie Chaplin - Answers

Alexandre Rodrigues (Prof. Lê)


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1. Who was Charlie Chaplin?
Answer: Charlie Chaplin was one of the famous stars in the history of the cinema.

2. What kind of actor was he?
Answer: He was a comic actor.

3. Did he write and direct all his films?
Answer: No, he wrote and directed not all but almost all of his films.

4. Who composed the music of all his sound pictures?
Answer: Yes, he composed the music of all his sound pictures.

5. When was he born?
Answer: He was born in 1889.

6. Where was he born?
Answer: He was born in London.

7. Was Charlie Chaplin’s family rich?
Answer: No, his family was poor.

8. What was his childhood like?
Answer: His childhood was hard.

9. Did he leave England for the USA in 1914?
Answer: No, he left Britain for the USA in 1890.

10. How many times was he married?
Answer: He was married four times.

11. Did he have three kids?
Answer: No, he had four children.

12. When did he leave the USA?
Answer: He left the USA in 1952.

13. Where did he die?
Answer: He died in Switzerland.

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