Interpretação de Texto: 04. Exercising - Answers

Alexandre Rodrigues (Prof. Lê)

1. What generally happens to people who exercise?
    (    ) a. They lose weight easily.
    (    ) b. They don’t have any health problems.
    (    ) c. They don’t get sick.
    ( X ) d. They feel good.

2. What kinds of exercise should you do?
    ( X ) a. Exercises that you like.
    (    ) b. Stretching exercises.
    (    ) c. Jogging and aerobics.
    (    ) d. Walking 15 minutes a day.

3. Why is it a good idea to exercise at a health club?
    (    ) a. For a small fee, you can take an aerobic class.
    (    ) b. They have special equipment that you don’t.
    (    ) c. You can do stretching exercises.
    ( X ) d. You don’t have to buy any expensive equipment

4. Why is it difficult for some people to exercise?
    ( X ) a. They can’t find the time.
    (    ) b. They don’t have money to buy the equipment.
    (    ) c. They don’t like to exercise alone.
    (    ) d. They don’t enjoy exercising at health clubs.

5. According to the text, which of the following statements is FALSE?
    ( X ) a. If you prefer to exercise at a health club, you should take an aerobic class.
    (    ) b. The same kind of exercise you do at a health club can be done at home.
    (    ) c. There are many ways you can exercise without going to a health club.
    (    ) d. Most people can walk 15 minutes a day.

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