Interpretação de Texto: 09. Enjoying popcorn at the movie

Alexandre Rodrigues (Prof. Lê)

O que fazemos quando vamos ao cinema? Corremos pegar nossa companheira, a pipoca! Ela se identifica tanto com filmes que mesmo em casa a saboreamos quando assistimos um bom filme. Mas o que sabemos dessa tão deliciosa amiga?

Leia o texto a seguir e saiba um pouquinho a mais.

Enjoying Popcorn at the Movies

Native Americans ate popcorn as food and were the first to try it popped. It was not until 1914 that a farm boy from Iowa formed the American Pop Corn Company and began to sell popcorn. Gradually, it became a national fad. In the 1920s it was introduced into the movie theaters. People wanted to eat it during the movie, but the theater managers discouraged the practice since the crunching distracted the other patrons. With the introduction of background music and sound for the movies, which drowned out the crunching, coupled with the need for cash during the Depression, the theater managers had a change of heart and permitted the establishment of lobby concessions. Popcorn is now an established “must” for all theatergoers.


- pop = estourar
- fad = mania, moda, tendência
- crunching = ruído da mastigação
- patron = cliente, freguês
- lobby = área com corredores em teatros, cinemas



1. Find two phrasal verbs in the text. Define them. Translate it into Portuguese.
2. Find an idiom in the text. Define it. Translate it into Portuguese.


1. Who first popped popcorn?
2. What did a boy from Iowa do in 1914?
3. What happened in the 1920s?
4. Why did theater managers discourage the practice of eating popcorn during the movie?
5. When did theater managers permit the establishment of lobby concessions? Why?

Confira as respostas!

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