Interpretação de Texto: 11. Suzanne

Alexandre Rodrigues (Prof. Lê)

Read this passage and then answer the questions that follow it.

I was nineteen years old then. I was at a dinner that my parents were giving for an important man from some African country. There at least 600 people at the hotel and there was Suzanne sitting across the room. When our eyes met, I knew it was for real. I told my brother Frank, “That girl is beautiful and I’m sure she’s looking at me too.” Frank told me I was dreaming, that she was looking at him. But I knew better. I found out she was the sister of a good friend of mine. I asked her sister to introduce us, and from the moment we met we stayed together most of the evening. It was the evening before Halloween and we walked around and around the hotel – we just couldn’t say good night. It felt so right. Just before she left, she asked me, “So what’s on your mind?” That really confused me because that’s usually my question. I just came out and told her. I said, “I want you to be my girlfriend.” It lasted three years.


- at least = no mínimo
- across = do outro lado
- for real = prá valer
- to find out = descobrir
- to introduce = apresentar
- most of = a maior parte de
- to last = durar


1. What’s the author describing?
     (   ) a) an occasion when he fell in love.
     (   ) b) a dinner party.
     (   ) c) a Halloween party.
     (   ) d) a girl he once met.

2. The author ___________.
     (   ) a) eventually got married to the girl
     (   ) b) is still the girl’s boyfriend
     (   ) c) gave up the girl because of his brother
     (   ) d) broke up with the girl when he was 22

3. Where did the author and the girl first meet?
     (   ) a) in some African country.
     (   ) b) at a hotel.
     (   ) c) at a dinner offered to his parents.
     (   ) d) at a Halloween party.

4. Why did the author get confused?
     (   ) a) Because his friend introduced him to her sister.
     (   ) b) Because he realized morning was coming already.
     (   ) c) Because he didn’t expect the girl to make him say what he was thinking.
     (   ) d) Because it was warm, although the next day would be Halloween.

Agora, confira as respostas!

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