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Interpretação de Texto: 12. Suzanne – Answers

by Lucas Gomes



1. What’s the author describing?
     (X) a) an occasion when he fell in love.
     (   ) b) a dinner party.
     (   ) c) a Halloween party.
     (   ) d) a girl he once met.

2. The author ___________.
     (   ) a) eventually got married to the girl

     (   ) b) is still the girl’s boyfriend

     (   ) c) gave up the girl because of his brother

     (X) d) broke up with the girl when he was 22

3. Where did the author and the girl first meet?
     (   ) a) in some African country.

     (X) b) at a hotel.

     (   ) c) at a dinner offered to his parents.

     (   ) d) at a Halloween party.

4. Why did the author get confused?
     (   ) a) Because his friend introduced him to her sister.

     (   ) b) Because he realized morning was coming already.

     (X) c) Because he didn’t expect the girl to make him say what he was thinking.

     (   ) d) Because it was warm, although the next day would be Halloween.

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