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Interpretação de Texto: 05. Charlie Chaplin

by Lucas Gomes


Charlie Chaplin was one of the famous stars in the history of the cinema. He was certainly the most famous comic actor of the cinema. His first films were in the age of silent movies. He wrote and directed nearly all of his films and composed the music of all his sound pictures.

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in 1889 in London. His family was poor and he had a hard childhood. In 1890 he left Britain for the USA, in 1914 he made his first film. In his films he created the character of a little man who always faced life with courage.
Chaplin was married four times, he had four kids. In 1952 he left the USA with his family and lived in Switzerland until his death.

Responda em inglês:

1. Who was Charlie Chaplin?

2. What kind of actor was he?

3. Did he write and direct all his films?

4. Who composed the music of all his sound pictures?

5. When was he born?

6. Where was he born?

7. Was Charlie Chaplin’s family rich?

8. What was his childhood like?

9. Did he leave England for the USA in 1914?

10. How many times was he married?

11. Did he have three kids?

12. When did he leave the USA?

13. Where did he die?

Veja se você respondeu corretamente!

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