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Interpretação de Texto: 03. Exercising

by Lucas Gomes

Read the text below and then mark the correct option for each of the items that follow.

Everyone should get exercise. People who find the time to exercise every day or several times a week are usually healthier, feel better, and have fewer problems with their weight. There are many ways of getting exercise. You should choose the kind of exercise that you enjoy, and you can exercise at a gym, at home, or even on the street.

Some people prefer gyms where you pay a monthly fee. At a health club, you can do exercises by yourself or take classes where you will do stretching exercises, aerobics etc. You can bike or lift weights at a health club too. Of course, you can also do these kinds of exercises home. If you want to lift weights or ride an exercise bike, though, you will have to buy some equipment, and this might sometimes be expensive. But you don’t need any special equipment to do aerobics or stretching exercises. You can also get exercise by jogging on the streets or in a park.

If it’s still hard for you to find the time to exercise, don’t worry. You can get some exercise by walking every day. Most people find it hard to make excuses for not walking 15 minutes a day. The important thing is to do something. And start now. You’ll feel better.


– several = diversos; vários
– weight = peso
– to enjoy = apreciar; gostar muito
– even = até mesmo
– fee = taxa; tarifa
– stretching = alongamento
– to lift = levantar
– excuse = desculpa; justificativa

1. What generally happens to people who exercise?
    (    ) a. They lose weight easily.
    (    ) b. They don’t have any health problems.
    (    ) c. They don’t get sick.
    (    ) d. They feel good.

2. What kinds of exercise should you do?
    (    ) a. Exercises that you like.
    (    ) b. Stretching exercises.
    (    ) c. Jogging and aerobics.
    (    ) d. Walking 15 minutes a day.

3. Why is it a good idea to exercise at a health club?
    (    ) a. For a small fee, you can take an aerobic class.
    (    ) b. They have special equipment that you don’t.
    (    ) c. You can do stretching exercises.
    (    ) d. You don’t have to buy any expensive equipment

4. Why is it difficult for some people to exercise?
    (    ) a. They can’t find the time.
    (    ) b. They don’t have money to buy the equipment.
    (    ) c. They don’t like to exercise alone.
    (    ) d. They don’t enjoy exercising at health clubs.

5. According to the text, which of the following statements is FALSE?
    (    ) a. If you prefer to exercise at a health club, you should take an aerobic class.
    (    ) b. The same kind of exercise you do at a health club can be done at home.
    (    ) c. There are many ways you can exercise without going to a health club.
    (    ) d. Most people can walk 15 minutes a day.

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